LSI Industries is home to a number of industry leading brand family luminaires and product lines that have significantly impacted and changed the lighting industry landscape.

For when you when you need an Advantage.

Contractor grade solutions meet premier 设计 and functionality. With a wide selection of indoor and outdoor solutions for nearly every application, the Advantage series delivers the features that matter most.


Advantage Series

The Opulence series combines a visually stunning fixture with five different mounting styles. The result is a lighting solution that bolsters the richness of every environment in which the luminaire is installed. Opulence fixtures are purposefully 设计ed to accentuate every space where they are installed with architectural beauty and high-performance illumination.

Opulence Series

The Mirada 户外 Architectural Luminaire Collection is LSI’s complete and comprehensive line-up of high performing and versatile area, 柱子上, wall sconce and bollard lights. With industry leading optic technology, 传感器, control options and accessories, the Mirada Collection  merges architectural 设计 form factors with high output luminaire technology that stands above the rest.

Mirada Collection

LSI has been the indisputable leader in providing innovative lighting and graphic solutions to the retail refueling/c-store & refueling fleet market for over 50 years.  We’ve pioneered the development of leading-edge product innovations and have continued to push canopy lighting technology forward unlike anyone else. The Scottsdale 树冠 Series showcases LSI’s commitment to the market and our customers with continued excellence in performance, 设计, and service.

Since the early 1920s, architects and specifiers have relied on LSI’s Abolite products to create both classic, nostalgic environments, as well as high-tech, contemporary spaces.

今天, LSI continues to build upon Abolite’s long-standing reputation for quality, performance, durability and aesthetic appeal. Staying true to 90 years of RLM manufacturing heritage, our
modern fixtures maintain the classic elegance of the original Abolite product line while adding the energy-saving benefits of modern LED technology.